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Trinidad Martínez was born with inspiration as the engine of his life. The world has always caught his attention, and everything moves his gaze. She could not breathe without beauty. For the same reason he studied Art. There he was able to develop a restless look, but at the same time pictorial, framed by an undeniable passion when it comes to creating. During his years of study, he was able to unite engraving and performance, with a discourse classified as breakthrough. It is in her creative process that her talent as Art Director emerges, and her fascination for the composer and breaking down aspects that speak for themselves, through objects, food, fashion and trade. The color, the textures, but above all the freedom, have allowed him to create magical and versatile worlds, in addition to transforming his particular gaze into settings, still lifes or precious atmospheres loaded with symbolism. His work takes over space and highlights transportation, generating a unique journey, bringing an unforgettable story to life, blending past and present with daring. The composition of the space he proposed has weight and in it the artistic influence he received is repeated over and over again. In his proposal there is romanticism, there is elegance, there is balance; other times there is minimalism. Everything in her proposal speaks of her and her signature has reached the impression in ED Magazine, in important editorial campaigns in the most prestigious magazines in Chile, such as Paula, Caras y Cosas; Art direction and set design for the Ripley campaign starring Sarah Jessica Parker and other firms such as Ripley, Paris, Rosen and Falabella. She is currently based in Santiago de Chile.

trini martinez