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Vero Mónaco is an Argentinian Make-up artist who has more than 20 years of experience. She has developed herself as a professional in different fields such as fashion, music, advertising, cinema and theatre. She started studying Advertising at the Universidad del Salvador, but after obtaining the degree of Analyst in the Media, she dedicated full time to make-up. She started her make-up studies with the argentinian make-up artist, Oscar Mulet who besides teaching her the knowledge of social and artistic make-up, invited her to be his assistant. She also worked with Alberto Moccia, who gave her knowledge of body painting, characterization and hair pieces. In 1991 she took a course on special effects and prosthesis with Alex Mathews, who has one of the best schools in that field. She met Norberto Poli too, who is in charge of elaborating the characters of the great argentinian actor Antonio Gasalla. In 1994 she was in charge of the make-up area of Elizabeth Arden company in Argentina. This allowed her to work and obtain knowledge of color and treatment in other countries such as Brazil, Puerto Rico and the United States of America. After 5 years working for them, she continued representing other important companies such as Givenchy, Dior, Güerlain and Kryolan. Since 2009 started development aerography, first in Kryolan with Mariano Castellano, aerograph and illustrator, then in 2013, took courses at Identikit Facemakers with the make-up artist, Connie Moreno. She worked with local and international bands making video clips, record covers and live presentations of artists like La Ley, Molotov, Mala Rodriguez, Marilyn Manson, Rem, Beck, Oasis and others. But without any doubt, the most important band and the one with which she spent more time, was Soda Stereo. She was their personal make-up artist and then continued working with Gustavo Ceratti in his soloist career.